Carol Masters Alphaville

Carol Masters Alphaville

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Исполнитель: Alphaville

Название песни: Carol Masters

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Текст песни:

She sits by the window, stares into the night
Just waiting for a foreign sound from outside
Far beyond the atmospheres, she is listening for a call to take her homewards
To herself

Oh, I love you so
He who's master of the icy shots won't harm you in the morning
She knows that the pavement's hard, there between the stars
To travel on to martian homesick city

She is weeping silently but there's not a tear
Just raindrops falling from the painted ceiling
The dance of the foraging bee will number all the things
She has been longing for all of her life
I will not pass this night in vain, she says
I'll stand this kind of rain
I know the way, I'll find the path
Yes, carol wants to go to mars, back where the red-cold sun is sinking
To the channels of a'daar

Day breaks through the grating
Someone moves a chair
And sunlight blisters dazzling on a glass
Take a pill and greet the day for sedative holidays
Why aren't you sleeping in the night

Oh, I love you so
He who's master of the icy shots won't harm you till the evening
We shall meet tomorrow night
And I'll kiss you just as tenderly as cygnus kissed the deserts

Alphaville - Carol Masters
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