Candace And Also the Trees

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Исполнитель: And Also the Trees

Название песни: Candace

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Текст песни:

I was watching my sister
Tying back her hair
She kicked off her shoes and left them there
Beneath the slender trees
In the dry heart-shaped yellow leaves

And Caddy says -
Don't touch me don't touch me.

But not to me as she's lying
With her head on my knees
The sound of the roof then suddenly she's
Not with me anymore
And the shapes slide brighter than before

And Caddy says
Don't touch me don't touch me.

As she stands with her back
Pressed up to the wall
She pushes him away and the honeysuckle falls
And rises over him
In the grey light movement of her skin

And Caddy says
Goddamn you Goddamn you.

I was watching my sister
Closing her eyes
As the firelight turns and the firelight dies
But Caddy smells of trees
As she lies sleeping next to me.

And Caddy says

And Also The Trees - Candace (acoustic)
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