Feeling Fine And Also The Trees

Feeling Fine And Also The Trees

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Исполнитель: And Also The Trees

Название песни: Feeling Fine

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Дата добавления: 2016-08-31

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Текст песни:

Feeling high now
She says
She says
I'm feeling high now
She says.
She's got the wings of a swan
And she moves her arms

And she looks at me and she says
I'm feeling high now
I take a wet cloth and put it on her brow
And the sunlight rakes through the room
And the dry leaves in the corner whirlpool

She reaches out to the books
Strokes their spines
I'm feeling high now

I walked out into the pale withered fields
And I thought I don't give that much of a damn just
how she feels
Then once more in my head I heard her say
I'm feeling high now
So I looked up to the cold blue sky and shut her out

I crossed the frozen brook by the thin birch trees
And I thought it was the bluest sky I'd ever seen

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