Slow pulse boy And Also The Trees

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Исполнитель: And Also The Trees

Название песни: Slow pulse boy

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Дата добавления: 2016-12-29

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Somewhere the blast furnace explodes
Plumes of amber in the night sky,
Each explosion bounces
From horizon to horizon,
From horizon to horizon,
And for a while the slow pulse boy
Stood by the window
And let the fire sink into his skin

Again all was still...
But for the empty tin,
Rolling up and down the gutter
On the breeze

Then we were standing very close,
I could live in the space
Between his heart beats,
Outside the furnace erupts again
And dark red rivers
Filled our veins with frenzy,
We could tear up the floors
And find all the things we'd ever lost

The fire burns in our jack boots...
So we chase the explosions
From horizon to horizon,
From horizon to horizon,
Wrap ourselves around the distance
For as long as we can hold.
Somewhere a girl is singing,
There is calm in the air,
But there is greater calm than I can bear,
Tomorrow the sun shines

And Also The Trees - Slow Pulse Boy
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