The Obvious And Also The Trees

The Obvious And Also The Trees

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Исполнитель: And Also The Trees

Название песни: The Obvious

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The Obvious

The figure of Pawschien walking ahead of me
In the heat-haze
Jacket over his shoulder
In the Sunday dockside quiet
Cavernous empty warehouses blowing
Metal thunder and contorting under the sun
And the bay beaten like a feline coat of steel.
He stumbles in the sand on slaters beach
And turns smiling.
He's a plain guy,
Black hair down like a thatch
White teeth glistening black eyes smiling,
Born in the old town grew up in the streets,
Know nothing of his past
But have a vision of him
Younger with a desperate face,
Blade jumping in his hand like a snakeknife.
Don't know where that comes from.
I follow him.
His hometown
Was built wooden and tall
As the dusk fell the streets
Became paths in a forest...
Light bulbs swinging in the fluted air
Of aviary hill,
Great cages alive with honey coloured
Birds and song like the warbled sadness of a lullaby.
Walking on a thousand years of eggshells.
I take a draught of cold beer from a clouded glass
And look around the room...
Pawschien talking with brothers...
The men have self-made tatooed grids on their forearms
In which there are sanskrit letters.
They tell me all that they know is the obvious
And that if I stay with them,
Maybe I will learn it too.
Suedehead girls with grey eyes
And clear skin;
One has a crescent scar on her cheekbone,
She looks at me with an air of smiling anticipation
As though she's expecting me
To recognize her at any second.
Something turns inside me
Like a tickling thirst...
Others are watching me too,
Same expression,
Then look away laughing, shaking heads...
It's OK,
You'll remember.
Back in the dark streets the scent
Of the human night seems to hold me,
Steps muted by onion skins.
Old women sleep curled
In the roots of houses, coiled around bales
And bundles of fresh herbs and babies.
Walking the wooden tunnels out of town
All I can think is
Remember your way back here
As in the darkness all has vanished.
Remember your way back here
Remember, remember your way back here

And Also The Trees - Paris 11/13/1989 [full show]
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