There Were No Bounds And Also the Trees

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Исполнитель: And Also the Trees

Название песни: There Were No Bounds

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Дата добавления: 2017-02-21

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Текст песни:

There was no pain any longer
no more need to gasp for breath.
And the tiled floor ceased
to be cold and hard
All sound had died away
and it was quite dark.

But in the void and in the silence
there was still a kind of knowledge
A faint awareness.

Awareness not of a name or person
not of memories of the past
The awareness knew only itself.

A knowledge reached out into the absence
Reached out into the darkness
Reached out into the silence
And there were no bounds.

And it was aware with a kind of growing
hunger, but a hunger for something that
did not exist
For the knowledge was only of absence
of pure and absolute absence
Durations of restlessness
Durations of hunger

And existence of only one dimension.
But in the dark silence.
In the void of all sensation
Something began to know
And there were no bounds.

And Also The Trees - There Were No Bounds (Demo Version)
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