Under the stars And Also The Trees

Under the stars And Also The Trees

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Исполнитель: And Also The Trees

Название песни: Under the stars

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Дата добавления: 2017-01-29

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Текст песни:

Take off your coat, girl,
Leave it by the stairs,
Pick up the telephone

There's a star outside
Shining bright
And the moonlight falls
On the apple tree

She stands and watches Venus rise
And from another street a baby cries
But everything will be all right

And we can see her face
Disappear into the night's strange patterns
From the window of a train
We see her dancing barefoot in the summer rain

Another face, another time
Turns peacefully into the fading mackerel sky
But something ancient in her eyes
Says everything will be all right

I hear the milk-float coming down the terrace now,
The fat man in the corner house
Is shaving in his dressing gown,
A girl stands in a garden
And starlings swoop above the town

Then everything moves out of sight
In darkness deeper than the darkest night
We hear the heart that comes to life
And everything will be all right

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