The Phantom Confronts Christine Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Исполнитель: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Название песни: The Phantom Confronts Christine

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The Phantom Confronts Christine

C: GUSTAVE! It's alright, it's me! Gustave... please take him away. I'm so sorry... Please forgive him, he meant no harm...

P: How could you think I wouldn't guess?

C: What do you mean?

P: How could you think I wouldn't know?

C: Oh no...

P: Do you have something to confess?

C: Don't make me!

P: I want the truth, right now, if so!

C: Once upon another time,
you went off and left me alone...
but that's not all you did...
You left me with a son.
Ever since that other night,
I wished, how I wished you'd have known!
I kept the secret hid...
the secret my marriage forbid!
What else could I have done?
Just live,

P: A son...

C: Just live

P: A son...

C: Just give what I could give...
and take what little I deserve...

P: (spoken) My own flesh and blood... and even he recoils in horror from me... just like his mother.

C: Forgive me, I beg you, if you can.
I've brought you nothing but woe!
Tomorrow night I'll sing with all my might!
Sing for you again!

(spoken) And we'll go.

P: From out of ugliness, such light.
From out of darkness, such a flame.
In him my wrongness is made right...
and yet he loathes me just the same.
So let him shun me in disgust!
Let him flee this cursed face!
If I must hide from him, I must!
Yet shall he be my saving grace!

Oh Christine, my Christine, if it's true, I've no reason to live...
then Christine, then the boy shall have all I can give!
Ah, Christine! All I create on this earth...
all that I'll never be worth...
all shall be his!

Love never dies; 19) The Phantom confronts Christine OST
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