You And I At Vance

You And I At Vance

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Исполнитель: At Vance

Название песни: You And I

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Дата добавления: 2016-05-14

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Текст песни:

All by myself
With a tear in my eye
Trying to find
The words to explain
The sorrow that flows in my heart and my soul
But the river seems to be too deep

Time slips away
As I haze thru my thoughts
But you're gone and I can't
Turn back the time

What did you do
Tell me, why did you leave me

You and i
Truth or a lie
Is it all worth
The tears that I cry

Tell me why
You have denied
All of my dreams
I've layed in your hands

I thought I've seen
The truth in your eyes
But I was wrong
You made me wise

How could I be so blind
Tell me, what do you feel in your mind

You and I - At Vance (Gia ton arxonta)
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