PDA Backstreet Boys

PDA Backstreet Boys

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Исполнитель: Backstreet Boys

Название песни: PDA

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Текст песни:

Fresh from my dreams
Over a triple X movie screen
I couldn't care less about being seen
A higher self esteem if you're on me?
(Ain't that the way it's supposed to be?)
I say baby do you think
Sugar so sweet should rot my teeth
But instead it just rottens me
Spoiled crazy

Public display of affection
(Gotta make 'em)
Pointing in my direction
(Watch me, watch me)
Public display of affection
Makes them wish they had it this way

We'd be at the club, the restaurant, the grocery store or the movies
Kissing and touching with my hands all over your booty
Wherever it is, we is, I love it truly
Your PDA hey hey
(I want your PDA)
Your PDA, hey hey
(I want your PDA)
Your PDA hey hey
(I want your PDA)

Remember at the beach we brought the sheets
We were harassed by police
Good thing we didn't go too deep
Everywhere we be the passion in me just screams
I just need you in my reach
Baby your suspense can be intense
It's got me convinced, oh yeah
You're the fingers to my instrument

From the lobby to the patio
(Boy you're so crazy)
And we're so compatible
From the Starbucks to the Navo
(hmm, nasty)
And we're so compatible

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Backstreet Boys - PDA - TIU - Rhode Island - 08-23-2010
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