Rosalie Live In Denver 1974 Bob Seger

Rosalie (Live In Denver 1974) Bob Seger

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Исполнитель: Bob Seger

Название песни: Rosalie (Live In Denver 1974)

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Дата добавления: 2017-02-20

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Текст песни:

She's Quite The Mediator
A Smoother Operator You Will Never See
She'll See You Later
And No One Dares Disuade Her Openly

She Knows Music
And No Music Till You See
She's Got The Power
Of Loyal Teens - Queen Rosalie
Rosalie... Rosalie...Rosalie

She's Got The Classics
Comes From All The Corners,
Corners Of The World
So Fatastic
She's Everybody's Little Record Girl

She Knows Music
No Music Till You See
She's Got The
Power... Got The
e . . . Rosalie

From Chattanooga To Good Bogalloosa
You Can Hear Them Fine
She Makes Her Choices
And It May Be Best To Smilin'
When It's Choosin' Time

Knows Music
No Music Till You See
She's Got The Power,
Got The Tower,

Knows Music...Knows Music...Knows Music

"Get Out Of Denver"- w/Lyrics- Bob Seger
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