White Noise Erra

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Исполнитель: Erra

Название песни: White Noise

Продолжительность mp3: 04:11

Дата добавления: 2017-01-17

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Текст песни:

I am a spirit
Divested of human capabilities
I am a spirit
There are masses alike
Hiding in plain sight

Open your eyes
You cannot perceive me
Closed off to the
Senses that exist in your reality

There is a ghost in all of us
There are many that try to open their minds
Deciphering the intellect
of spiritual design.

Beyond our world lies parallels between
Our dimensions images unseen.

What is this entity
What does it want of me
It has a hold on my soul
I can't get free.

I can't get free.
So many that try to open their minds,
Deciphering the intellect of
Spiritual design.

Beyond our world.
White noise.
Open your eyes
You can't perceive me.

Closed off to the senses
That exist in your reality
Beyond our world.

I will abandon myself.

What is this entity
And what does it want of me.
It has a hold on my soul.
I can't get free.
am I allowing my atrophy.
Or can I stop this
From happening?

I will abandon myself.

Rebirth in a dimension unkown, unseen
I will leave my body.
Still small voices are resonating.

Beyond our world lie
Parallels between
Our dimensions, images unseen
Amongst the dead.
Sound frequency.
There is a pulse.
Images unseen.

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