Ike's Rap II Isaac Hayes

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Исполнитель: Isaac Hayes

Название песни: Ike's Rap II

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Текст песни:

Love, Love ! I know you can hear me see we've known each other long time I guess right now you've got the last laugh I now abused you I've took avantage of you I've used you selfishly I apologize now should be cosing after suffering so much I know I was wrong you are the only one I can turn too because I miss use you you're the one who can strengh me see love, I can't sleep can't even eat don't going away in the morning love I, beg you to help me and love, if you help me just this once, I misuseyou in the morning I won't be cold in the morning and I for ever keep you in my heart please please help me love find my way I'm still living in yesterday there are some things I don't care to reveal you see you make me feel the way that I feel I thank you for chose you you're just my understand I appear to be such a, a cold hearted man once upon love that was so untrue turn my heart into stone and left me so blue you got to help me love you're my only chance I need you to help me be, once again, a man take this heart of mine and make it new please don't ever leave me and if doesn't want in this whole wilde world it will be you you simply make me love juste give me love like a never had seek me through, mama i'm so tired treating so bad help me love now I feel so bad I gess it goes all the way back to my mom and dad two people I've never chance to know, no I wonder why I miss this so, I've never had a mother's touch or a father's hand and keep long this love, why, I just don't understand maybe I want to make myself true coz help me love help me find happiness with you help me love help me love help me love find my way help me love you're my only chance help me love, make me once again a man help me love, I need you so bad help me love, give me a chance I never had Please, help me love please, help me love

Ike's Rap II/Help Me Love - Isaac Hayes
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