4 My Niggaz Rydah Mix 2 Pac

4 My Niggaz (Rydah Mix) 2 Pac

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Исполнитель: 2 Pac

Название песни: 4 My Niggaz (Rydah Mix)

Продолжительность mp3: 03:23

Дата добавления: 2017-01-30

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Текст песни:

Holla my name nigga you plottin' and scream,
must be a thug with a heart to be apart of my team...
it seems you got a problem, we ain't lettin' no women and no feminene inside,
just spend the night, time to give 'em a try...


Finally made it, now focus who the dopest,
is it the brothers or the sistas...
I agree that it's a mans world,
but why my niggas dis us,
I ain't tryin' to hear it,
witness my thug spirit (they keep on screamin' bithes)
cause niggas love to hear it...
call them my dogs cause they rowdy then a muthafucka,
I love you niggas like brothas, but don't fuck with this...


But hey now, look at what we got,
Miss really Bad Ass runnin' round packin' double glocks...
so all you niggas be warn,
from the dust til the dawn,
we might trip,
but I dare you bitch to fuck around with Storm...
we Outlawz, I said it, addmit it,
and when you see me live on T.V it's strictly represented,
let me hear you scream...



Now when I say Pig, you say B-I-G,
when I say Bad Boy Killa, then you say me...
when I say Puffy is a punk, you scream word on my life,
I wrote this shit while fuckin' Bigs wife...


Now I been told that Lil' Kim think she hot (she not),
better get that attitude adjusted before I mash ya spot... (Plus now the Brat's trippin')
must want a ass whoopin'...
we be the first ones to fuck with you and Bad Boy whack bitch...


Bustas who broken, and give my shots to Queens,
cause I'm lookin' for lyrics yall, that bitch ass feen...
I beg Scream like last year,
best don't come to California, we don't want yo busta ass here...


We Outlaw Ridahs, thugs til we die,
sistas gettin' they groove on...


Call me a muthafuckin' trouble maker,
send me to jail, but watch me bust on L.L...
now let me here you scream...


2Pac talking

Ha ha ha.. Played yo ass, didn't we?...
We up out of here.. Tupac and Storm..
Outlaw Immortalz.. Death Row.. West Side..
Thug Life.. Bad Boy Killa...

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