I Don't Care English Version Babiixj 2NE1

I Don't Care English Version (Babiixj ) 2NE1

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Исполнитель: 2NE1

Название песни: I Don't Care English Version (Babiixj )

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Дата добавления: 2016-04-13

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Текст песни:

hey playboy
its about time
and your time's up
I had to do this one for my girls you know
sometimes you gotta act like you don't care
that's the only way you boys learn

oh oh oh oh oh oh
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah x2

i still remember that lipstick color
on the collar of that long-sleeve shirt
you always played it off it's nothing
yet your phone keeps on ringing
keeps saying that it's all in my head oh oh

and to all your girlfriends who you be calling up to
behind my back forgetting my name, i won't let it fly
from now you do what you want,
but stop playing with my heart
i'll stop giving a damn where you are oh

can't forget those times you'd call late at night
and your dead drunk intoxticated
then you would call me by some other girls name no no

*i don't care just go your way
i don't care where you are or what you're doing any more,
go do your thing, go play your games
but don't come running back telling me you miss me
cuz i won't care eh eh eh eh eh
i don't care eh eh eh eh eh
cuz i don't care eh eh eh eh eh
i don't care eh eh eh eh eh
boy i don't care

boy i see you checking out them girls as they walk by
letting go of my hand as they do
then you start to get that swagger, and slyly winking at her
it's finally time i draw the line oh oh

even my friends keep telling me you ain't worth my time
they see the real in you and they don't like what they see
i keep defending your as-piration for your doings
was trying to see the good in you oh oh

can't forget those times i'd call you at night
cuz i was longing to hear you voice
but to my surprise, i hear some girl's laugh come on the line oh no


because of you i've wasted many tears crying for you boy
but because of you my heart is stronger to hold all the pain boy
i realize that i am better than what you take me for
so now i'm saying good bye because i can't take it no more

you've cheated, lied to me a hundred times bad boy
made me who i am now playing off as a bad girl
without a tear, i can sit back and laugh at you
without a fear, mark you a loser
get on your knees if you want it back with me
but if you wont, then get out of my sight

now clap your hands to this

2NE1 - I Don't Care [karaoke] Rom/Eng version
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