I Go Off 50 Cent Feat. Beanie Sigel

I Go Off 50 Cent Feat. Beanie Sigel

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Исполнитель: 50 Cent Feat. Beanie Sigel

Название песни: I Go Off

Продолжительность mp3: 04:33

Дата добавления: 2016-12-20

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50 cent
I’ll give you something to talk about,
come round me frontin’ I’ll air you out,
I go off,

Beanie Sigel
I don’t shoot sh-t up dawg, i gun it down,
walk up on n-ggas and run em down,
pull a stock out the K throw a hundred rounds,
wont stop till your box lowered underground,
put you in an earn, your bones will burn,
the rap gorilla, the whack rap ringtone killer,
yeah, define a n-gga equally realer, it’s rare,
you can meet me in the square if you dare to come near,
I have no morals,
it’s a whole lot of piss and a d-ck for you,
bullets and a clip for you,
this the ignorance,
at least it looks that way when you witness it,
kill all witnesses, bury the hatchet,
matter of fact bury the casket,
kill n-ggas bury the ratchet,
pick ya back up if I have to,
I used to bump n-ggas, I punch n-ggas out for the practice,
the sh-t starter, sh-t finisher,
I don’t know whats harder when they release ya or when they sentence ya,
the realness, back like I promise,
ready to dig a n-gga sh-t like a colonic,
I go off,

50 Cent - Chorus
I dont understand em (?)
from last time I remember them
they can’t believe we back up in the club,
we get to sippin on the henny
and my b-tches get to send me,
and if you f-ck with me I’m gonna let it off,
I go off,
Off in this b-tch like its legal,
a n-gga move around with the eagle,
i go off,
say you get it in we don’t believe you,
this is 50 cent and Beanie Sigel,
I go off,

Beanie Sigel
Big pop, off the prop on deck, yes,
versace, LV’s on the specs,
my Gucc low slide on the ground when I step
beat it the kid aint mine I contest,
i suggest you aim above neck,
the vest cover the chest
the palm cover the …,
.. I don’t rock with the cops
horse with the stick in the hand of the jockey,
everyday gear that I wear on the block
can you picture me rollin,
can you see me clear like Pac,
who shot ya,
who want beef with big poppa,
feel a thousand deaths when I drop ya,
I feel for you, like Shaka Khan I’m the Don,
make n-ggas talk through the wire like Kan,
a trip to the mall turn a duck to a dime,
catch me on my sh-t, stuck to a grime,
or a mess, you trying turn a buck out a dime
catch ya, trying turn a f-ck outta nine,
n-gga listen I earn’t every buck that was mine
I aint never cry over f-cking dimes,
don’t make me go off,


Beanie Sigel
first gear pop the clutch,
second gear, throw it up,
third gear Im on stuck,
fourth gear Im at 12 o clock,
I know a pop get it in,
12 a block,
but his price too low so Im scared to cop
the guns’ll blow and I aint scared to box,
I know n-ggas up state doing life in a box,
I know n-ggas upstate doing life with they pops,
its the bully whether you like it or not,
the chain cool but you don’t look right in a watch,
so give it up smooth, yeah or the rival will pop,
or get you some shoes, you prol look nice in a box,
flow smooth, light on my feet like H.. D,
money earning all day but I aint from Mount V,
just threw a bell on the scale of da tree,
i dont know making 200 every p
without rap i could double on the …,
yeah make it snow on a blizzard like Jeez,
you don’t know it aint nothing like C
you dont really wanna see me in the street,
don’t make me go off,


50 cent talking
Yeah, you changed man. You let the money change you Jay.
You used to be from Marcy n-gga.
Now you’s a pass the grey poupon ass n-gga.
You don’t want to shoot (I go off)
I take.
N-gga you feed the wolves or the wolves feed of you,
eat your ass alive, I live by a con mans creeds, strategy.
Your move n-gga, (i go off)

50 Cent Ft. Beanie Sigel - I Go Off [New 2009]
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