With one look Andrew Lloyd Webber

With one look Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Исполнитель: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Название песни: With one look

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Текст песни:

You used to be big.

I am big. It's the pictures that got small.

Once upon a time
Not long ago
The head of any studio
Knew how and when to play his aces
Now they put some
Talentless unknown
Beneath their sacred microphone
We didn't need words
We had faces

Yes, they took all the idols and smashed them
The Fairbanks, the Gilberts, the Valentinos
They trampled on what was divine
They threw away the gold of silence
When all they needed was this face of mine

With one look
I can break your heart
With one look
I play every part
I can make your sad heart sing
With one look you'll know
All you need to know

With one smile
I'm the girl next door
Or the love that you've hungered for
When I speak it's with my soul
I can play any role

No words can tell
The stories my eyes tell
Watch me when I frown
You can't write that down
You know I'm right
It's there in black and white
When I look your way
You'll hear what I say

Yes, with one look
I put words to shame
Just one look
Sets the screen aflame
Silent music starts to play
One tear in my eye
Makes the whole world cry

With one look
They'll forgive the past
They'll rejoice: I've returned at last
To my people in the dark
Still out there in the dark...

Silent music starts to play
With one look you'll know
All you need to know

With one look
I'll ignite a blaze
I'll return to my glory days
They'll say Norma's back at last

This time I am staying
I'm staying for good
I'll be back
Where I was born to be
With one look
I'll be me

Betty Buckley - WITH ONE LOOK (Sunset Boulevard)
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