Sai-ka-no Blood Stain Child

Sai-ka-no Blood Stain Child

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Исполнитель: Blood Stain Child

Название песни: Sai-ka-no

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Дата добавления: 2015-12-28

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Текст песни:

Watching this world return to dust
How cold is this grave?
We are powerless in this rightful end
As we wander and wonder and ponder and...

Far, beyond the sky
Laughter echoes still

Mortal palaces crumbling away
Fleeting memories
Colorless puppets return to nothing
In our minds were forever and ever and...

Everything returns to nothing.
Everything I took for granted
Now pats me on the back.
Do you ever resent yourself?

I can hear remorse's lonely steps
Down the hallway there is no excuse

A humanity that traveled to the moon
But could never overcome itself
We never learn

We run, close our eyes 'till we fall
We dance and gardens are fading to gray
We run, was my life worthwhile at all?
Your smile, last green field on planet earth...

As if tomorrow never comes again
In a world that we wished for
As if no voice is to be heard again
I'm grasping tightly on a tear...

Blood Stain Child - Sai Ka No
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