Two plus two Bob Seger

Two plus two Bob Seger

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Исполнитель: Bob Seger

Название песни: Two plus two

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Текст песни:

Yes it's true I am a young man, but I'm old enough
to kill.
But I don't want to kill no body, but I must if
you so will.
And if I raise my hand in question, you'll just
say that I'm a fool.

Cause I got the Gaul to ask you, can you maybe
change the rules.
And you stand and call me upstart, ask what
answers I can find.
I ain't saying I'm A genius, Two Plus Two Is on my
Two Plus Two Is on my mind.

Well I knew A guy in high school, just an average
friendly guy.
And he had himself A girlfriend, and you made them
say good-bye.
Now he's buried in the mud, of A foreign jungle
And his girl just sits and cries, she just doesn't
So you say he died for freedom, well he died to
save your lives.
Go ahead and call me yellow, Two Plus Two Is on my
Two Plus Two Is on my mind.

All I know is that I'm young, and your rules say
I'm old.
If I got to kill to live, then there's something
left untold
I'm no speech man I'm no general, I know that I'll
never be.
It's the rules not the soldier, that I'm not the
I'm no Prophet, I'm no rebel, I'm just asking you
I just want a simple answer, why it is I got to
I'm a simple minded guy. Two Plus Two Is on my


Two Plus Two Is on my mind.

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