3Hunna Ft. Rick Ross Chief Keef

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Исполнитель: Chief Keef

Название песни: 3Hunna (Ft. Rick Ross)

Продолжительность mp3: 03:28

Дата добавления: 2017-01-30

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Текст песни:

Sosa baby, you know I'm rockin baby
GBE, O'block
Bang bang
Nigga Im three hunna bang

Hook: Chief Keef
I'm cooling wit my youngins
And what we smoke one hunna
But nigga I'm three hunna
Click clack, pow, now he running
Dont be fuckin wit my youngins
Them niggas be drumming
They take ya ass down shit we need them bricks or something
Keep this shit one hunna
I keep this shit three hunna
I pull up in that Audi
You pull up in that Honda

Verse 1: Chief Keef
A fuck nigga don't wanna be it
I like my bitch conceited
I'm Sosa, bitch, Chief Keef yeah
My gun, don't make me beat it
I'm cooling wit my young niggas
A lot of kush, a lot of guns nigga
You see you us you better run nigga
Bullets hot like the sun nigga
She like Sosa, I'm a big fan
Bitch, I'm leaning like a kickstand
I'm high I'm smoking ganja
Fuck a Tooka gang bitch, I'm 3hunna


Verse 2: Rick Ross
My dog died they put him in a plastic bag
We bout that all black so miss me with yo battle raps
Driving a Bentley through the battle field
Got more money than my haters, how them niggas feel ?
Slide when you rep that other side
I swear to god its like my.45 just come to life
Gamble in Vegas
I know the maloots
They took him for questions, he told them the truth
Duck taping your clique
So show me the loot !
I'm smoking the shit my nigga be growing for Snoop
We got the hood locked
Worth 100 mill
Need 250 more, Double M this shit for real!

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