Trust DGM

Trust DGM

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Исполнитель: DGM

Название песни: Trust

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Дата добавления: 2016-08-27

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Текст песни:

All by myself, writing another page
A list of deep thoughts to deal with what
Was unfair

But I can't believe I'm sober
And the pain is flowing through
Knowin' that within my soul a regret digs
The deepest hole

Over and over, still sober

Bearing the sacrifice, unholy paradise
That's why I will surrender
I shouldn't have trust the lie
It's sad I have tried
What am I gonna do?

Just another quick addiction
Is not what I wanted

You will understand
I'll learn how to heal myself
A cut needs to mend
Erase, destroy and repent?

And I can't help but take cover
From the storm we are sailing through
Drowning in a sea of regrets
Falling in lake of fire
Lie's over. I've been there.

I can trust myself, I have paid my amend
Can you live with the remembrance?
I can trust myself, me and no one else
Will you fear the consequences?

No you won't
What are you gonna do?

Bearing the sacrifice, unholy paradise
It will be the reason why
I shouldn't have trust the lie
It burns like a fire
What am I gonna do

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