Trust Nobody Ill Bill

Trust Nobody Ill Bill

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Исполнитель: Ill Bill

Название песни: Trust Nobody

Продолжительность mp3: 02:48

Дата добавления: 2017-03-19

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Текст песни:

Verse 1

The motherfucking cult leader is back
The hour of reprisal is here
Billy Idol put the nine to your ear
The all-time grimiest, I’m the nuclear truth
I let black market plutonium loose in the booth
My beats kick you dead in your face, loosen your tooth
I’ll be creeping up on you like a deuce-deuce in the boot
Trust nobody, homeboys will change on you
Stab you in the back, pull the twelve gauge on you
I’ve been involved in epic battles and holy wars
No remorse, quiet money, private benjamins like Goldie Hawn
Most religions sleep underneath a soldier’s corpse
Chopped them in half, used them a source of warmth
Seven eyes, seven horns, secret wars
Jesus walks across troubled water bleeding from his palms
His feet, eyes, ears, nose, his crown, his mouth
Eventually stopped talking when they cut his tongue out

Chorus x 2

Trust nobody, no way, no how, never
Trust nobody, no shit, homie, don’t you ever
Trust nobody, no way, no how, never
Trust nobody, trust nobody

Verse 2

The person you least expected to cut your throat
Will be the first creep directing a gun at your dome
I’ve seen brother kill brother for the love of the dollar
They turned snakes on each other like my mother and father
I beat everything, every angle, every agenda
Many pretenders attempt to enter my presence
And test the intelligence level
Remove the head of the devil, I don’t even trust God
I think I’m going to hell
It’s a cold world, I don’t trust religion
I don’t trust the police nor the justice system
I don’t like doctors, lawyers, or politicians
I don’t like liars who pull deception and ruin Non Phixion
I pray for peace but always stay prepared for war
Destroy you if you push me up against the wall
I seen it all, everyone of y’all love to conduct schemes
Trust nobody, homie, don’t even trust me

Chorus x 2

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