Girl from July Jazz Dance Orchestra

Girl from July Jazz Dance Orchestra

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Исполнитель: Jazz Dance Orchestra

Название песни: Girl from July

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Текст песни:

Girl from July
Guy just look around
Here is the world we've ever found
And this world has been made
Just for you and me

Driving in your car
We disappeared In dreams so far
And how lucky we are
Just to feel mate souls. So

All my thoughts and feelings came suddenly
It took really long time to understand
That my love is yours
I can't live without you
But now baby just believe in me
You're the only one I need to be
Just forget and fly
I'm your girl from July

Don't break my heart before I have to
Don't say me no before I ask to
Just believe and fly
I'm your girl from July

Look around again
I will take away your pain
Cause your imagined life
Is depressing again

But when I'm with you
I can hardly guess who is who
All I want you to be
All my life with me. Girl from July

Jazz Dance Orchestra LIVE-SHOW Телеканал Дождь 11/05/2012
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