Shinigami Machinae Supremacy

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Исполнитель: Machinae Supremacy

Название песни: Shinigami

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Дата добавления: 2016-12-09

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Текст песни:

There's nothing in this place that excites me anymore
I long only for nightmares, for apocalypse and war
I'm bored out of my skull, let's play a different game
Let's pay a visit down below and cast the world in flames

There is beauty in fire when all lights are out
And there's truth in the things we've learned to live without
The devil in the doorway is defined within our blood
but we can always play and make believe

A wondrous design, a bored and brutal mind,
so ready to inflict his sense of justice on mankind
A fly upon the wall, I watch as he evolves
and follow as the world around him steadily dissolves

And in the world beyond this day there will be faith no more
The certainty of your new God, is all you need to know
This not the peace you had in mind? The one you waited for?
There is no land beyond his law, there is no place to go

Nowhere outside the world of Light

Machinae Supremacy - Shinigami
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