Runnin' Feat. Planet VI Machine Gun Kelly

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Исполнитель: Machine Gun Kelly

Название песни: Runnin' (Feat. Planet VI)

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Дата добавления: 2016-12-21

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Текст песни:

[Planet VI-Hook]
Running I ain't running away (3x)
Cause I’m so tired of running

[MGK-Verse 1]
I’m so tired of running, that I've worn my soles out
To the point that my toes is out
To the point that I can’t look back
And even if I did I still couldn't see where I started out
Can’t see home for miles
Lost like another orphan child
I’m only grinning cause I’m supposed to smile
So I do it for the ones that are down and out
Proud one of these is gonna be a spokesman now
But I’m still running, running, and I don’t know where
All I got to my name is one pair
Of laced up chucks, five bucks, and a chip on my shoulder that’s so big, that I cannot bare
I done lost my friends, family, and home for this
And for that I have lost my mind
Kept my faith, lost my direction
I’m just praying that I haven’t lost my time

[Planet VI-Hook]
I keep my head up with my feet on the ground
From the bottom so up is the only place that I’m going
Ready to face all that’s in front of me now
Cause I’m so tired of running
I’m walking through the fire, cause there is no way around
Moving in the same direction wherever the wind is blowing
Ready to face all that’s in front of me now
Cause I’m so tired of running


[MGK-Verse 2]
I’m so tired of struggling
I’m so tired of hustling
I can feel my heart fill with hate
I’m so tired of loving
I was supposed to be great
I’m so tired of ducking
Tired to coming home from a job being fired from nothing
And shit I’m tired
From the nights a mother fucker took that ride
To make that dream, come alive
To wake up in the morning to a nine to five
But I gotta do it if I wanna survive
Because in the city where I’m from it’s either do or die
So choose it wise
Because you could lose it in the blink of an eye
But even in the darkest times
It’s proven I...

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) Feat. Planet VI -- Runnin
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