Pyramid Scheme Mad Caddies

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Исполнитель: Mad Caddies

Название песни: Pyramid Scheme

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Дата добавления: 2016-06-05

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Текст песни:

Walking through the badlands taking in the scenery
The beasts are salivating to the fresh scent of the week
They're moving in with a penetrating grin
Sliding through your backdoor
while your babies are asleep
We're walking blind with wool over our eyes
Now if we don't think about it will it go away

Taking what they want not what they need
Hang us out to dry so the wolves can feed
See it in their eyes filled up with greed
And we are all left sucking at the end of this pyramid scheme

Running through this nightmare but I'm wide awake
I hear the footsteps in the dark
and it's more than I can take
They're rising up from the depths to fill their cup
Never to the top because it never is enough
They want it all no matter what the cost is
If we don't think about it will it go away

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