Wet Dog Mad Caddies

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Исполнитель: Mad Caddies

Название песни: Wet Dog

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Дата добавления: 2016-12-27

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Текст песни:

Look in your eyes, wanna be inside
Feel like a dog that's been left out in the rain where it's cold
Gotta find my way back, I feel you burning and I want to go home
Where it's warm inside.

I need you touch you're like a siren
Temptation pulls me closer I can't resist
So let me in now, cause I've been waiting
Any longer and I'm gonna explode

So tell me that you want it,
So many things I need to know
You can't hide your secrets and nothing's sacred
When we're here all alone
Tell me that you like it slow

You've gotta let me in now
It's where I want to stay
You're wrapped around me and I'll never escape
From this game we play
Won't you stay
Our lives will change and we'll both get dizzy

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