Whatcha Gonna Do Mad Caddies

Whatcha Gonna Do Mad Caddies

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Исполнитель: Mad Caddies

Название песни: Whatcha Gonna Do

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Дата добавления: 2016-12-26

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Текст песни:

Layin' awake again and I don't know what's happening

I'm setting sail on unknown seas

and I'm haunted by insecurities, oh no

I'm standing on the edge of dream

Colliding with the light of this real life scene

And I don't feel a thing until the pain comes

And when it's all said and done would I just cut and run

Sometimes I'm so numb I don't know

If it happened tonight would I stand and fight

or would I just let go

Whatcha gonna do when it's on you boy

Whatcha gonna say when it's no no more

Whatcha really gonna do when it's all through boy

Whatcha gonna say when it's over now

Maybe it's the time of the year

but I don't feel my soul shine

Locked up inside and floating on the cheap wine

But there's a smell in the air
and I swear something's there

Blowing in on a California night

So if it's all gone and I can't go on

Well I'm sure as hell not ready to die

Mad Caddies - Whatcha gonna do (Live)
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