Soldier Of The Line Magnum - Chase The Dragon 1982

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Исполнитель: Magnum - Chase The Dragon 1982

Название песни: Soldier Of The Line

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Текст песни:

Soldier of the line, how does it feel?
You're far away from home, polishing steel
The sun moves in between the mountain and sky
As dawn puts out its fingers, splitting them wide

Soldier of the line, what do you know?
About the other side, they never show
They must be well disguised, biding their time
Their armour well prepared so nothing will shine

Solider of the line, would you kill me?
There's something in your eyes stopping you see
They're cloudy and you turn your head away
What's that rolling down your face, are you okay?

Hold back those tears from your eyes
Don't show those feelings inside

You're in a murderous playground
War games on a castle wall
You're in a murderous playground
Crossed out if you dare to fall

Soldier of the line, it isn't fair
You're bleeding deep inside, nobody cares
Your flag and lance stand proud, splintered and red
No movement in the fields, the crows will be fed

Soldier of the line, you've come to the end
You'll never get to see your mother again
Some unfamiliar place you're going to stay
An unremembered name, an unforgettable day

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