Always Running Malukah

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Исполнитель: Malukah

Название песни: Always Running

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Дата добавления: 2016-12-17

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Текст песни:

In this solemn field of silence
I can barely feel the pain
Blind and deaf to all the violence
And I've always felt this way

La La La La

On the wind a smell of misery
Fear and death perfume the air
It begins again in mystery
And I always end up there

Always unsuspecting
So easy to lure them away from
All the angels within

I am running
From something I'm becoming
And I'm coming from
The something that I'm running from
becoming one
Always running
Like something might be coming
To follow me
And I'm running from
The something that I'm coming from
Becoming one

I am
Letting go of all I know
From this buried well of consciousness
I can barely hear the rain

Everyone becomes anonymous
All their faces seem the same
Always unrelenting
Descending into our own nightmare
From this twisted fantasy
Falling far away from
The beauty of annihilation
Do the faceless face fear

[ Chorus ]

I've become
Something they all run from
I want you to be gone
But I know you've just begun
Why am I numb
To everything that i have done
There's no going back for me
Becoming has taken its toll on me


I am running from the other ones
And the other ones I'm running from
And becoming one means I'm running from
All I am

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