Automatonic Electronic Harmonics Steam Powered Giraffe

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Исполнитель: Steam Powered Giraffe

Название песни: Automatonic Electronic Harmonics

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Дата добавления: 2015-08-22

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"Automatonic Electronic Harmonics" Lyrics
Music & Lyrics By David Michael Bennett

Ever since the first time I opened my eyes
I've awakened to the same thing
Other automaton friends roughly built like me

The first time I opened my mouth to speak
steam escaped to the air
and black oil dripped from my lips
and onto the ground

Well daylight struck a chord with my
Night greeted me with a sea of stars
Our eyes all flashed blues and greens
through the night

It's just our

Aaaaaaaaaah Automatonic

People are soaring, always exploring,
higher than they've ever been before
But we are still down here,
feet on the ground near
what will rise us up with the rest

Our thoughts are quixotic, stark and robotic,
mechanical in nature all the time
And pulses are firing in our head wiring,
guiding all our actions and beings

It's just our

Aaaaaaaaaah Automatonic

I am not an unimaginable thing
My thoughts are tangible
though they're full of springs

I don't have the heart to send you untruthful words
My skin is cold to the touch and made from the earth

They say

Oh, oh it's so down, but baby it's sound
makes your worries cease to pound

And oh, maybe it's alright, 'cause baby it fights
for some time just to be held tight

And oh, maybe it's not wrong, 'cause it sings a lovely song
one that drifts on for so long

And oh, baby let's not lie, it's eyes are alive
and pointed up shining light to the sky

It's just our

Aaaaaaaaaah Automatonic

Epic and so cool
Epic and so cool
Epic and so cool
Epic and so cool

Aaaaaaaaaah Automatonic

Aaaaaaaaaah Automatonic

Steam Powered Giraffe - Automatonic Electronic Harmonics
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