The Fight The Rasmus

The Fight The Rasmus

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Исполнитель: The Rasmus

Название песни: The Fight

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Текст песни:

Everything is still and calm
In the dead of night
Right before for the fight
Clouds are gathering for the storm
Destiny decides
Who will live or die

I’ve been waiting for this moment
It’s time for the battle
Even if I never make it
Take me home
I might never get my story
Carved in stone
But I will rise again
The fight is to the end

The pounding of the drums of war
Turns your tears to mud
Rivers turns to blood

If you live to see another day
To take another breathe
Make it life or death


Give me strength to carry on
Till my life is done

Everybody wants the glory
But you better remember
The fight is to the end

The Fight- The Rasmus- With Lyrics
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